Effective Ways To Promote & Market Your Music In Nigeria And To A world Wide Audience.

Effective Ways To Promote & Market Your Music In Nigeria And To A world Wide Audience

Here at Roy Global Media, we’ve come to recognize that promotion is key in your career as an artist. Without conscious steps to promote your music, you may never reach your full potentials. Music promotion can be likened to the oxygen which gives life to an artist’s music career. This is why it is important as an artist to know effective ways to promote your music in Nigeria and beyond.

Promoting music could look so easy but it is a process that requires utmost diligence. This is because the industry is large. There are many artists like you looking for a way to break out and make a success out of their music. Therefore, for you to be successful in your efforts, you have to take diligent steps.

Your main goal in promoting and marketing your music is to get your recorded songs after production to a wide range of audiences. But foremost, you need to understand that promoting your music can only produce long-lasting effects if you make good music. That’s why you need to always record at well-equipped studios like Roy Global Studio.

That said, let us proceed to ways you can effectively promote and market your music.

6 Ways To Promote & Market Your Music

  1. Social Media Promotion

This should not be new to you as an artist in this age and time. Social media is a great tool for pushing out your songs and videos. Start by sharing your songs with your friends or followers and asking them to

Artist performance

share your piece. You can do this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social platforms.

If you do not have many followers, you can reach out to Influencers to help share your songs. If possible, try out some of our affordable social media promotion packages that can help you reach millions of people.

In 2018, a rap video by Picaso Rhap an upcoming artist caught Olamide’s attention on Instagram. The artist got signed to YBNL the next day, even though he has now left. This is what you can achieve with social media. If you’ve got good music, why not use social media to gain attention today?

  1. Use the Traditional Method.

A lot of us are now addicted to our gadgets and the internet that we often forget the cultural ways of doing things. The same thing goes for music promotion. Promoting your music the traditional way can still be an effective method. So, what are these methods?

  • Free Shows

Don’t be too big to go for free shows, especially when you are still upcoming. Attend shows around your neighbourhood if you can. Then attempt to see the organizers and request to do a free performance. This will help you gain more acceptance and could also expose you to sponsors.

  • Get Open AirPlay

Take your songs to people and places around. You can take them to hotels, restaurants and clubs. You can also take them to barbing saloons.

  • Collaborate with established artists

This could be quite difficult but still worth it. Having a big artist on your song could make it get accepted easily. Not all artists will charge you so much. Therefore, try to reach out to them first and try your best.

  • Reach out To DJs And Radio Stations

This method is still effective and will always be effective. DJs are major players when it comes to parties and clubs. You never can tell how far your song will go if it gets to be part of a popular DJ mix.

Radio stations also play a major role in promoting artists and their music. Imagine if your song becomes loved by a presenter of a popular radio program. This could get it a lot of exposure. Also, reach out to them for interviews and discussions. This will help to further project you as an artist and your style of music.

  1. Digital Marketing

There are several digital marketing tools available for music promotion. We have so many music marketing platforms that you can use to get sales for your music here in Nigeria and from anywhere in the world. Such platforms include Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, Beatport, Itunes, and many others.

All you need to do is visit these different platforms online and sign up. Continue reading to learn more effective ways.

  1. Promote Your Songs On Blogs

This is a very popular method in Nigeria that you should already know as a music artist. Roy Global Media also makes use of this method. We partner with Nigeria’s top music blogs to promote songs to millions of people.

There are thousands of blogs you can reach out to with your music. You may have to pay for your music to be uploaded.

  1. Advertise

We have many platforms that allow us to advertise without having to pay heavily. You can run advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Ads. Just visit google right away and type “How to advertise on Facebook”, or type any other one you like. If this may be too complicated for you to run yourself, you can consider Roy Global Media for support in all social media advertisement.

  1. Having Your Videos On Youtube

It’s amazing the effect a good quality music video can have. You can start by creating great lyrics videos and posting them. Lyrical videos will help your fans learn your music faster and be encouraged to share your video.

What if you have a top-notch music video? You can imagine. This will not only promote your beautiful song but also your image as an artist.


The Easiest Way To Go About It

We believe you must have learnt a lot already but it may seem like a lot of work for you. You just have to realize that it is something you must do. If your songs and videos aren’t promoted or marketed, then you may end up failing as an artist.

There’s an easy and very effective shortcut to this, which is getting a promotion agency like Roy Global Media to help you. Charges relating to their services are flexible and affordable. It will not only save you the stress but will make it more effective.

At Roy Global Media, we partner with leaders in the industry. Our promotion packages are not just effective but come at a lower cost than self promotion. Try out some of our services today and own the star that you are.

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